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KALN Designer team

Design is not the same thing, to give you a unique surprises on the record and asked church members

Jiang Bin

Post:Design Professor

Personal strengths:It has a wealth of design experience, good team building, team management, project planning, project co-ordination and so on.

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Li Xianyun

Post:Chief designer

Personal strengths:Rich experience in creative design office, specializing in corporate office space planning projects and public fashion design.

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Xu Tianze

Post:Chief designer

Personal strengths:High-end office space design, large public space design has a wealth of experience. Design Concept: Inspired by living each moment, feeling the space, scale and style ...

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Post:Chief designer

Personal strengths:Rich design experience to create customer value; good at team building, team management, project planning, project coordinator. Design philosophy: Design is ...

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